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Default 2011 Toyota Corolla Accelerator Problems

hi please reply if you have simular issues have a 2011 corolla with 1.8 doch 16valve 4cyl dual vvti engine,4 speed automatic. it is very slow at decellerating after taking foot off accelerater. more evident from 60 to 40.on level road it takes .9 to 1.1 mile to slow from 60 to 40 mph. jerks on down grade with cruise controll on rpm go up 300 to 400 then down 200 below origional reading and back up to origional rpm. couple occasions so far with cruise off when accelerator was released it stayed at same speed and rpm untill the car hit a bump in road taken to dealer 2 times same answer car is normal . i drove a scion loaner car with same engine and transmisson difference like night and day this car shifted and deselerated like it should. does any body else have this problem

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I just bought my car on Friday and yes I do see the same issue but without cruise control ON. I am still trying to understand as to what is going on here. I might try with cruise control sometime soon. Also, I saw going downhill it seemed like car's rpm was increasing a lot more than speed, without my foot on the accelerator pedal. I don't want to go to the dealer yet as they will not see the problem unless they drive it a bit. I might capture a video of the events later on and show it to them. I guess their tendency would be to take me for someone who is trying to get on the "unintended acceleration" bandwagon. It is unfortunate how Toyota is going downhill on their quality.

Any luck with diagnosis at dealers by the way?
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Old 05-24-2011, 11:21 AM   #3
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Default accelerator problem

hi, iam moving at a snells pace but i have to give dealer credit they are working with me . the service manager drove my car home acouple times and ran into the problem it was able to duplicate the problem. is classfied as a speed controll issue with them. service manager.tried other cars and they also have the same problem. he contacted atech advisor for toyota and was told this is normal . i had to call and reopen the case was told to take to another dealer for second opinon smells like coverup from toyota not dealer. after pushing issue the ta from toyota is to look at my car. I filled a report with nhsa the number to call is in the owners manuel.my issues are like yours also with car acting like cruise is on but it is off very scary. i think this is a very serious safety issue. every body with this problem should follow the protocal and report so if a need for recall is needed it will be done.
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I also have this issue with my new 2011 Corolla LE, automatic. The RPMs jerk up and down when the car is simply cruising along, noticeably at speeds from 40 -- 60, maybe others. It seems like the auto tranny is searching for a stable setting between 3rd and 4th gear, as if hunting for it, back and forth. This isn't a major driving problem for me, but it shouldn't happen. If this is normal, then THAT'S an abnormal statement by Toyota. What to do, folks??
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Old 06-09-2011, 10:37 PM   #5
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Default 2011 Corolla LE acceleration problem

I too am experiencing the same problem. At times, when I take my foot off the acclerator, it feels like I have the cruize control. The car deselerate VERY slowly for anywhere between .5 to 1.5 KM then the RPM drops suddenly as it should when you first take your foot of the pedal.
The other related problem is that if I'm just trying to maintain a constant speed anywhere between 50 and 90 KM/HR it feels like the engine stalls for a very brief moment then shortly after comes back to the original RPM.
Both problems describe above are easily reproducable and my local Toyota dealer has confirmed it.
Toyota head office on the other hand says that this is normal operation and that the car is operating within spec. I doubt very much that they've ever driven one.
I'll be contacting the head office tomorrow in hopes of getting this problem resolved. If they brush me off, I'm going to do my very best to get rid of the car as it is VERY UNSAFE.
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Old 06-24-2011, 10:55 PM   #6
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Default Toyota bought back my Corolla

I had this issue usually around the 60mph mark but it happens at other speeds if kept steady. I leased a 2011 on May 1 and immediately started having these issues. Took it to the dealer and they had it for 2 weeks, traded out the computer and it still had the problem. I put up a fuss and the corporate bought it back from the dealer and I picked out a new 2011. Well, low and behold it acted the same way. I took it to the dealer last week and they are calling in a special tech to diagnose. This is not normal and thank you for having this forum because I thought I was the only one. More to come...
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Old 07-12-2011, 11:37 PM   #7
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Default 2011 Toyota Corolla - same problems

Hi guys,

I have exactly the same problem as described in your postings.

I went today to the local Toyota dealership.
Service desk agent asked one of his technicians to take my Corolla for a test drive to duplicate/replicate accelerator/speed issues.

I went along with him. Sure enough the technician said there is definitely a problem, when he took off his foot of the accelerator pedal, yet the car maintain the speed, eventually dropping off.

They gave me a loaner for the day and said they will call California technical support (engineering group?) to open the case and ask for help.

After about 4 hours they left a message on my phone that: "THERE IS NOTING WRONG WITH THE CAR AND IT'S OPERATING WITHIN SPECS" and that was verified with some kind of diagnostics monitor during driving.

I said WHAT?! Are you kidding me! Your own technician test drove with me and verified that car is acting up.

I even have asked the service rep, if he would let his wife or teenage son/daughter drive a car like that. He didn't like that question...

I asked "what is my next step", since the dealership (Toyota) refuses to resolve obvious safety issue. He gave me a number to Toyota HQ or something.

I intend to do the following:
1. Will contact Toyota and ask them for help to fix my car
2. I will make videos and post them on YouTube showing Corolla speeding without a foot on the accelerator and RPM/speed jumping up and down around while driving 60mph
3. I will contact NHTSA and complain about 2011 Toyota Corolla safety issues that Toyota refuses to acknowledge

I have owned 5 Toyotas (3 Camrys and 2 Corollas).
2011 Corolla is the last Toyota I will ever own.
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Old 08-05-2011, 07:36 PM   #8
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I just purchased a 2011 Corolla Sport a/t, 2 weeks ago, and I am having the exact same issues as all of you have described. I noticed it for the first time driving on the highway doing 100 km/h. I took my foot off the accelerator because the traffic infront of me was slowing down, and my car just kept going at 100 km/h and I had to slam on the brakes to slow it down. I have also a 30 sec. video of this happening. I also find that when going down hill with my foot off the pedal, it seems to speed up, resulting in me having to ride the brakes excessively. (How often are we going to have to replace the brakes because of having to use them so much?) The RPM jerking is also an issue as well. I find it happens between 60-70 km/h. It feels as if the fuel is cut off, and the rpms drop for about 3-5 secs, and then goes back up to the original speed. It's almost like using the resume in cruise control. It is very annoying. I have taken it to the dealership twice, and they seem to think it is normal. Just today on my way into work, my "door ajar" light was on. I came to a stop, and opened and closed all my doors, and the light remained on. After about 30 mins of driving it went out. Not sure if it was just a fluke or not, but I am sure it would be extremely hard to duplicate it for a mechanic to see. I will let you guys know if it happens again. I honestly say, I am very disappointed in this vehicle purchase, and truthfully I can see Toyota being in trouble again with another recall due to these ecu issues. For them to say it's "normal", is unreal. I will be taking this to the media, so any help from people on here would be appreciated, and hopefully we can win this battle.
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I was pleased to find this site and discover other owners are having the same problems with their new 2011 Corolla’s.

I took delivery of my 2011 Corolla SE Automatic in June and immediately had the problem of the RPM suddenly jerking down when the car is cruising at about 80 – 100 km. It was frustrating to drive. The second day while on the highway, the accelerator suddenly would not respond and appeared frozen at about 80 KM (talk about a scary experience). After repeatedly taping the pedal and applying the brakes it finally dropped to normal.

I took the car back to the dealer who was very co-operative. They gave me a loaner, and ordered a new replacement car. About 2 weeks later I took delivery of the replacement 2011 Corolla.

But now I am having the same problem of the intermittent drop of about 200 RPM when I drive at a constant speed of 80 to 100 km. (actually almost any constant speed displays the same problem).

My second problem is more serious. When highway driving and I remove my foot from the accelerator pedal, the car maintains the speed before eventually dropping off.

Armed with the information from this site I’ll be going back to my dealer this week and attempt to resolve the problems.

Over the years this is the 4th new Corolla I’ve owned but I’ve never had problems like this before. My wife refuses to drive this new car.
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Default 2011 Toyota Corrola RPM Jerks

We purchased a new 2011 Corolla LE, automatic in mid July. The RPMs jerk up and down also. It is very annoying to drive and is hard on the gas mileage. It is most likely to happen while driving steady at 40 to 60 mph on level roads. We have had it to two different Toyota dealerships with the same outcome. "Our computers state that everything is normal and we can't find anything wrong". Something is certainly not right. We have never owned a car to do this before. Will continue to watch this site for any advice that can be directed our way.
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