2014 corolla le

  1. T


    Hey everyone, Bought my Toyota Corolla 2014 LE this summer. Currently have 106k on it. I am not really a car person but trying my best to learn. I am currently looking for a fog lights kit, preferably yellow lights, because I bought the car without them. I looked on ebay and amazon but hesitant...
  2. matthew_33

    Newbie from South Carolina with '14 Corolla LE

    Hello from South Carolina, New member here, the corolla is my second car (the first one being a totaled 2010 honda accord) and it has almost 45k miles on it (bought it at around 20k miles). I don't think I'm going to do any performance mods to my little econobox, but hey I do want to upgrade...
  3. cdenton9

    Ultra Racing parts

    Has anyone installed any of the Ultra Racing "safety" bars? I bought the two that go on the rear axel. The one closest to the muffler fits fine. But I'm not sure how well the other one will fit. The mounting points are straight whereas the pivot arms on the axel are angled. What about other UR...
  4. cdenton9

    Ultra Racing parts

    Has anyone purchased and installed the Ultra Racing UR-RL2-446 bar that mounts to the inner rear axel? I'm concerned about the fit not being correct. The bar ends are straight whereas the axel connecting points are angled. (Hope that makes sense)