corolla 11th gen

  1. D

    Will Corolla S rims fit on Corolla CE

    Hi, Ive got a 2016 Corolla CE and I'm looking to buy 2016 Corolla S rims online. I was wondering If the rims would fit on my car directly or would i need longer lugs or spacers and so fourth. I'm currently on the stock 15 inch hub caps and i want to change to the 17 inch Corolla S mags. I had...
  2. E

    14 corolla le rims

    Hi i am new here and was trying to find the answer online but wasnt quiet sure. Maybe you guys can help. I have a 14 corolla LE with the black rim (hubcap type). I would like to get actual alloy rims for them. Do i need a spacer to have it fit? I read something about it having 5x100 bolt...
  3. M

    New here, not new to forums.

    Hey all, Yesterday I picked up my new ride 2014 corolla sports plus. I'm over the moon with it. My wife said, "What kind of voodoo did you do to get this car and in blue?" I went to the Toyota dealership that we bought her 11' Sienna at and low and behold they had this car with 150k on the...
  4. A

    2020 Toyota Corolla vs 2018 Corolla | New vs Old Corolla 9 views

    New Corolla generation vs Old Corolla (previous generation) Car buyers in the U.S. will have some thinking to do about their future purchase, as the new Toyota Corolla sedan, one of the most successful cars the Japanese have ever made, was reborn as the 12th generation. Introduced just before...
  5. F

    Help! Grinding noise from my corolla 1.8 2015

    The car starts perfectly fine on cold start but whenever it's started 30-40 minutes after the initial start this extremely weird grinding noise is heard. Got it also checked from Toyota Dealership but nothing to avail. Please help me! Drive is perfectly fine and smooth, fuel consumption is also...
  6. Ericksol96

    Maintainence in these newer cars?

    hey guys, I recently bought a Super White 2016 Corolla S Plus with 9,900 miles for 14,995 (plus tax). I’m a college student and I’m also an Uber driver. I had an old Chrysler 2000 that gave out around 60,000 miles because it was left out for 2-3 years without turning it on (before I used it) and...
  7. Gerard Abdiel

    Any 11th gen corollas with fender flares out there?

    ok doing it right this time lol new to this forum but wanted to get some suggestions on fender flares for my corolla. Was thinking of combining with mapisa body kit maybe? Any suggestions ?
  8. JoshTRD

    MY Cosmetic Upgrades....Share yours.

    Yes, i know there are many threads showing off builds but ima start another! here is my 2014 corolla S -Black out Taillights(with Vinyl) -Black Vinyl Front headlight eyelids -Front and Rear Mudflaps -Window Visors -Rear window visor -"Custom" side skirts( I used garage sealing from home depot...
  9. Np473L

    Best corolla hood scoop!!????!

    Hey guys! So I just saw a post on instagram with a working hood scoop on the Corolla and it made it look like a Subaru wrx and I was wondering if you guys know the best hood scoop for the Corolla to mold in! Thanks and if you guys do have some modified Corolla please post to give ideas!! Thanks!