1. DrFunkenstein

    The Bolt That Would Not Die

    Hey guys, I need to replace one of my control arms (the rear non-adjustable one which is closer to the hood than the other), which would normally be simple except for the fact that I cannot get this bolt out. It is crazy just how badly it is stuck in there. I've tried: - Putting a wrench on...
  2. Whit32015C0r0ll@S

    Performance Parts For Sale

    Hey guys sadly my corolla goes back in 2 weeks so all my mods had to go. I have a bunch of mods I have no use for. Borla Rear exhaust Tein coil-overs Megan racing strut tower brace MGP caliper covers (I know not "Performance" but they look cool) Tow Hook and Adapter Bracket (rare) I'm not...
  3. Illicit36

    Aftermarket Suspension

    So it seems they make NOTHING as far as bolt on coil overs or anything of the sort for my 82 wagon. I’ve heard to run coils there’s some welding involved which isn’t a problem. The problem is figuring out what i can make work for it. Anybody know what I can do/use? This thing needs a drop and...
  4. speedkar9

    How a Car's Suspension System Works

    Just thought I'd share my short video on the basics of automotive suspension systems. Using my Corolla as an example, I tore down each component and explained the difference between the two most popular types, double wishbone and MacPherson strut front suspension: Skip toward the end to watch...
  5. speedkar9

    How Struts and Shock Absorbers Work

    Here’s how a strut or shock absorber works in your car to dampen the ride. I took apart a strut and grinded it open to see the mechanics inside and made a short video on it: The spring is responsible for supporting the weight of the vehicle. It absorbs the majority of the impact when...
  6. Chris Denton

    Polyurethane bushings

    I’ve reached out to Energy Suspension to see what is available for 11th gen Corolla’s. I’m sure a lot of you would be interested. After searching their website, I was unable to find anything specific. So I am waiting to hear from them. If anyone has more information, please share!
  7. J

    2000 corolla rear strut (i think) keeps making noises when driving

    my father has a 2000 Toyota corolla its has 200,000 miles on it. recently when we drive we can hear noise coming from the rear of the car. it happens when we go over bumps and sometimes over cracked up streets. I pushed down on the back of the car and kept hearing the same squeaking noise, but...
  8. Joe2402

    Squeaky/Creaky Front Suspension

    Hi everyone, When driving over speed bumps at slow speed the front suspension makes a loud squeaking, almost creaking noise. The sound is similar to opening the creaky door of your garden shed! It doesn't affect the handling/function of the car but is very annoying/embarrassing. Hoping it may...
  9. cdenton9

    Ultra Racing parts

    Has anyone installed any of the Ultra Racing "safety" bars? I bought the two that go on the rear axel. The one closest to the muffler fits fine. But I'm not sure how well the other one will fit. The mounting points are straight whereas the pivot arms on the axel are angled. What about other UR...
  10. cdenton9

    Ultra Racing parts

    Has anyone purchased and installed the Ultra Racing UR-RL2-446 bar that mounts to the inner rear axel? I'm concerned about the fit not being correct. The bar ends are straight whereas the axel connecting points are angled. (Hope that makes sense)
  11. J

    2001 Corolla rear suspension blown out

    Hey all, so I recently drove from Wyoming to Arizona for a month long vacation. So I had a bunch of junk loaded up and on the way here I noticed that I was bottoming out really bad in the back for really big bumps. Once here, I noticed that the rear end seemed to be sagging real bad. So I...
  12. Drigue817

    Making Custom Progress

    Just added a 2 inch drop with bronze TSWs and 3000k hids coming soon.