1. N

    USB music goes to individual folders

    I'm using a SanDisk 16GB USB to play music in my 2018 Corolla. To get the MP3's on the drive i just drag and drop individual files. However, when i go to play anything, I can't easily scroll through the songs. It says the songs are in folder (one of one) and will only play that song. I have to...
  2. R

    is it possible to install other apps from the play store?

    if so how? 2020 corolla. I tried copying apk's to a USB , no luck maybe i went about it the wrong way. I'd rather use waze instead of google maps sometimes. just some customization's that i would like to do if its possible.
  3. R

    2020 USB support

    this is a little vague, the specs on the usb plug. i plugged in a 32g thumb drive with 1 FLAC songs on it and they played just fine. I'm prepping for a 7 hour drive with the family so i purchased a 1 tb portable drive and its not recognized. now i admit i don't need my whole music collection...
  4. W

    Usb rocker switch add on help!

    I bought a universal USB rocker switch. Went to install it and it is too large for the switch pop outs under my radio. I have a 2016 Corolla S Plus. Where can I find one that will fit? Please help.
  5. Raza Waqif

    Any way to increase power output of the USB?

    I'm starting to get real tired of the incredibly weak USB port in our Rolla's. Its so weak that my phone's battery drains faster than it can charge without even doing anything. I don't have wireless charging on my phone so I cant do that one build where someone installed a wireless charger into...
  6. AkCorolla

    Running wires from Entune Premium to USB/AUX

    This is related to my last post but since I have figured out why my USB/aux were not receiving power I figured I'd start over. Has anyone wired up the factory USB/aux to the factory head unit or does anyone have information that could help guide me in this? The wires that are SUPPOSED to be...
  7. G

    Keep Cig Lighter/USB Port On With Car Off

    Hi all: I am wondering if it is possible to keep the cigarette lighter and USB port on with the car off. I want to charge my cell phone, but when I put the key to the accessories position the dash lights and everything come on and I am worried about draining my battery. Any way around this?
  8. A

    120gb ipod classic occasionally freezing on usb?

    i just got the corolla s 2016. i had the 2013 corolla s before, and this ipod worked fine. also, it works fine in aux. can this NEW car simply not handle 15k+ songs? weird, wouldn't you say? i know the solution is the aux, but the less wires, the better, right? the other difference btwn the...