05 Corolla Transmission issue, solenoids?

The issue: Car will not go into gear after the transmission heats up, was throwing transmission solenoid B(or 2) code. This is the way I purchased the car.
I went ahead and drained the fluid and cleaned the transmission filter( oil looked original to the car, as in 200k used). I changed all 3 transmission solenoids to OEM Denso. Bought them from a low mileage 2007 Corolla for $30 for all 3, absolute deal.

Installed them, transmission worked GREEEAT. Like new. Two weeks later..... Problem is back again after running a lot of errands today. What could the problem be? Transmission oil cooler? I am considering buying a new transmission just to be done with it, but was wondering if anyone had another idea what it could be.

Thanks in advance!


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Check if the transmission fluid is cooling down correctly, there is a radiatior in front that cools down the oil, if that doesnt work well it means that transmission is done doing its job just get a new one.