07 Corolla S mods for high altitude?

I live in Utah and just bought a 2007 Corolla S. I was planning on starting this car with a few minor performance enhancing mods (eg. short ram intake, engine mounts, axle back muffler etc) but my boss said there’s no point adding performance enhancing mods at this altitude unless it’s forced induction. He added headers and a cam to his gt500 and only made an extra 15 hp so should I just leave it stock and save my money for a faster car in a few years or will those mods actually make a difference. I’m trying to keep this car as long as I can so I want it to be a little more fun to drive. ((2007 Toyota Corolla S, 161k miles))
:( seriously.. I'm sorry, but the aftermarket support this 9th Gen Corolla.. are costly or parts are no longer available. Corolla aren't the best platform for aftermarket support (unless, it's the slut AE86 or BRZ, that little slut.. she like barbie, gets everything :D).

Doing the traditional route of H/I/E doesn't work either.. this will cause your Corolla to stall or trigger check engine light (all day).

Don't waste money on cosmetic or areo dynamic either..

If you want to make just a bit fun...
1.) Wheels & Summer Tires
2.) Pedal commander or Sprint booster