1.8L oil filter type?

I recently bought a 2010 Corolla. I've never owned a Corolla hence the possible ignorance expressed in this question! I want to start with a clean slate so I figure an oil change might be good to do. When I searched for a filter I saw both spin-on and cartridge types come up - both claiming to fit the engine. I wonder if this is true, and if so, is one type preferred over the other by the experts here, or is it more a matter of convenience? I've always used spin-ons in my other cars. Seems to me they'd be a little easier to deal with - less messy. I bought a Mobil1 "extended performance" cartridge but can return it for a spin-on if that'll work better. I also took advantage of the latest Mobil1 rebate offer to get 10 quarts of 0-20 synthetic for $45 minus $20 in rebates.
My 2013 has a cartridge and while I am not totally sure it is the same car are yours so you likely have a cartridge filter as well. if you do you can't use a spin on without buying a conversion kit. I change my own oil and have no issue with it. You will need a proper tool to fit the housing to remove and replace the filter.
Thanks a lot for the reply! None of the websites I saw mentioned needing a conversion kit - they all just listed both types of filters. And thanks to your post I now realize that my regular oil filter wrenches won't work - I need a special one that fits the canister. Here I am nearing social security age after doing my own oil changes my entire driving life and had no idea!
I will advised that there is a clip that you can use a flathead screw driver to gently pry off before removing the filter cap, and the tool is not that expensive. her is a video, actually made by another member.
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That is a fantastic video, thanks! One thing that stuck out was how much he tightened the canister. WIth spin-ons, I always thought you tightened between 3/4 turn and a full turn once the gasket makes contact. Most of the time I didn't even use my wrench to tighten it - my bare hands could make one turn. Given the warning about not overtightening, I guess I'll just have to feel my way through this.

One other thing made me happy - the Corolla 1.8 engine uses 4.4 quarts of oil while my old Lexus needed 5.5 - I had to buy two five-quart jugs for some oil changes – not anymore!
I always buy the 5 litre jug. When I use the remaining oil I have a container that I can put the used oil in to recycle. Here they will only take non-contaminated oil in the original jug for recycling. Last week I did an oil change and I did not have to buy any oil at all, I had enough new oil on hand.