10,000 mile oil change with synthetic oil?


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So this past weekend I went in for an oil change...20k mile service. Toyota care covered it all which was nice. But the advisor said no need to return for oil change until 10k miles....just come back at 25k for basic stuff like tire rotation and air filter, etc. This Corrola uses 0w-20 i think. It's a synthetic.

Anyway, I've been doing oil changes every 3-5k miles my whole life so this was quite shocking to me.

I wonder if Toyota owners out there disregard this and continue changing oil every 5k or so? Any horror stories about engine problems down the line by waiting so long for a oil change? Just wondering how safe this is because it's totally foreign to me.
Unfortunately, Toyota will not change the oil any sooner under their plan. Been down that road. Of course you can change it yourself at your own service interval. Things have changed over the years regarding synthetic oil and change intervals. The environmental impact of recycling used oil/filters is probably the biggest. Gas mileage/engine efficiency is part of it too (lower oil viscosity). Advancement in synthetic oils and engineering data to support longer life also factor into the equation, as well. A lot of car manufacturers now suggest changing synthetic oil in the 7.5K - 10K mile range. Previously it was 5K miles for synthetic. I personally change my own oil at 7.5K miles. That's one year of driving for me. I'm sure most go to the upper edge of the 10K mile spec. since that's what Toyota recommends.


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a lot of people think the 10k mile oil change is a big conspiracy theory. i have done 10k mile oil changes since day one and have not found any evidence of oil breakdown or sludge. if you read the manual toyota really only recommends 10k intervals if you are doing almost exclusively highway like i do. no towing, no stop and go, no short trips, no hard driving. i have been running mobil 1 with a toyota filter and will be switching to pennzoil ultra platinum after a recent test showed they are nearly as good as amsoil.



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Under ideal conditions 10k with a good 0-20w synthetic may be ok. I don`t go that long because I try to do anything that will make my car last forever. I change around 6k miles give or take.