'14 Corolla L. Possible to get a remote key fob?

I have 2014 Toyota Corolla L (Base model). It's been a great car, but it didn't come with a remote key fob. Is it possible to get an aftermarket (or OEM) key fob and get it programmed to this car?

If so, is the dealership generally the best route for getting this done or do locksmiths typically also do this kind of work?
I had a 2015 L model, and it also didn't have a key fob. I took the car in for service, and mentioned I would like to have a fob made for the car. My dealer did it, but it will cost somewhere around 100 bucks. I don't know if it was a system they had to install, or if the car might have had one in it already? The distance for the arm and disarm was far more than the one I have on my 2018 SE, which was nice.