1996 Corolla - Problems With Immobiliser

Hi, I own a 1996 Corolla Seca and the remote to unlock the car has just stopped working. I can unlock the car with the key but obviously I can't start the car because I need the remote to lock and then unlock the car again so it will start. Is there any way I can disable the immobiliser so my car will start or do I have to take it in to Toyota?
I don't know specifics on this cars system, but cheaper immobilizers just sit between the ignition switch and the starter, I've seen them both under the dash, and crappy installs under the hood. You should be able to find where the wire from the ignition goes into it, and then comes out and goes to the starter. Just cut it there and splice them back together. Of course I could be completely wrong and the immobilizer is more integrated, idk... Just what I've seen on other cars.