1997 Corolla Water Pump - Head Gasket?

Seems to be a lot of good information on there, but tried searching around for head gasket issues and didn't really find anything.

So here's the deal.

Bought a 1997 Toyota Corolla and it's got about 160,000 miles on it right now. Had it for about 4 months. Guy said he replaced the water pump etc... It always had what sounded like a bearing rattle but never thought much of it (dumb me...).

Was driving the other day and it sounded louder, in a couple minutes heard what sounded like a belt hitting something, next minute the battery light went on, pulled over and the engine stopped.

Popped the hood and one of the belts had skipped off the pulleys (see photo's). It looks like the water pump is at an un--factorylike angle. There was also what looked like radiator fluid and oil sprayed in a line looking like it got thrown off the belts.

Now I'm wondering, how do I tell if it just needs the water pump replaced? Or does it need a head gasket too? If it does mean a head gasket, is the motor junk?



It's unlikely a head gasket failed, as this is very unusual with a Toyota. In 25+ years in the automotive industry I've personally never seen it.
It's very difficult to diagnose a vehicle over the Internet and your best bet is to take it to a competent automotive technician, which I assume you've done. What did the technician find?