2001 Toyota Corolla A/C issue


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Hello all.
So my problem is I actually have two cars with the same issue. Both 2001 Toyota Corolla.

When turned on the ac control unit has power, the LED indicators all work just fine, I have made sure the cables are connected and all wiring is seated in the connectors well. But absolutely no air comes from the vents, and it does not sound like the blower fan is running.
But this issue was intermittent before (just finished replacing a part today so I haven't had time to see if it is still intermittent)
So far I have-
Checked all fuses and relays
Replaced resistor
Replaced A/C control unit
Inspected as much wiring as I can trace without tearing the entire dash apart.

I dont want to continue throwing money at this without getting anywhere.

Any one have a similar issue?
I got a 2000 Corolla and have the same problems. I already replaced the fuses and relays and was thinking of changing out the A/c Control Unit. Did you find the problem?