2008 Corolla CE horn feedback when locking not working

So at some point, my horn stopped giving me a feedback beep when I lock or unlock the car, I've tried resetting the system, and changing fuses. I had a subwoofer installed and the wiring for that could've caused something. But currently, when I lock the car via the key fob, it locks, but does not sound the horn. When I try to reset the system, instead of the hazard lights blinking 3 times, the horn chirps and no lights activate, nor does the ability of my feedback response to work. I'm trying to determine 100% which fuse is for the relay. Though I'm not exactly where the problem lies. The horn via the steering wheel works just fine.
Clean your fuses again w/ some CRC Quick Dry Electronic Cleaner.
Disconnect your horn and clean connection w/ CRC Quick Dry Electronic Cleaner.

Your last option is to replace your "Spiral Cable Clock". Beware.. there are 2 different version for this gen Corolla.
Do I need to clean specifically the horn relay. large fuse 2nd from bottom? If so, Do I just pull it straight out? It seems to want to stay but I don't want to damage the fuse or my car.
Also, I tend to get static shock every time I touch metal exiting the vehicle. It's become quite annoying, could this be related? bent or skimmed wire?