2008 toyota corolla s with lexus blower from the factory

hi everyone I'm new to this site and i just wanted to post this piece of information to any one that has had problems replacing there 2008 corolla blower for the ac. my car has 260,000 miles and is still running good despite the oil leaking on top of the spark plugs from the spark plug tube seal inside the valve cover but thats another problem ill get fixed shortly. The blower in my car had stopped working about a few months back and when you live here in south texas you need the ac. so i beat on the glove box and the old blower continued to run. finally after getting my new blower from amazon which was for a 2008 corolla and after waiting 3 months to install it the mechanic said it did not fit. he showed me the connection to the blower was different. i was confused and took a picture of the original denso part and of the part i had received and after many hours and days of research i called toyota and they referred me to the dealership. upon calling the dealership and speaking with the manager who was not helping in any way he told me he was not willing to replace the blowerwire but that he would instead be glad to sale me a $485.00 blower direct from toyota. anyways after checking you tube part numbers and any info on google that would be useful i found that my original blower is from a 2008 lexus es300!!!!! why i dont understand why they had to build it that way when the rest of the toyotas in the world have corolla parts. either way hope this info helps you guys if any one else has the same problem