2009 Toyota Corolla losing coolant.

Hello all,

I gave a 2009 toyota corolla with about 56,000 miles and it seems to lose coolant. It's not losing much but I just wonder what is causing that.



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Check for leaks and check your oil. If it's a bit watery looking, you might have a bad head gasket but with that mileage, I doubt you'd have that. You may just have a small leak somewhere. How much coolant have you lost?
It doesn't lose much. It may take like a month to drain out the coolant overflow tank. Will keep an eye under the car but I haven't seen any spots on the ground.
A couple of years old post but am wondering what became of this issue? I'm at 57K in my 2018 Corolla and am also seeing my coolant in the overflow tank go down week by week. When cold, it's now getting close to the "Low" line. No visible puddles on the ground, engine oil looks fine, no sweet smell, not much, if any, visible exhaust fumes. Tried to look under the hood and under the car but havent yet seen any visible areas that are wet or have any dried and crusted fluids.