2010 Corolla S - Upgrade to Power Seats

So, I can get a used power seat, and it's not too much money, but I just wonder if it can be done, without too much trouble. Three concerns:

1. Anybody know if the mounts that connect the seat to the body would be the same as a manual seat?

2. Wiring issues: if I get the wiring harness that is UNDER the seat in addition to the seat itself, would that make it possible to do this with some ease? I don't expect this to be easy, but I have a tech who can do this provided he either has the parts he needs to connect it, or he can get the parts from the dealership.

3. The Air Bag: my manual seats do not appear to have air bags. The LE seats I am purchasing do. Anybody think the connectors are there for the air bag in the power seats I am purchasing, or would I need a replacement for the air bag brain?

Thanks in advance to everybody!