2013 Corolla - Recommend Tire Air Pressure

I think they recommend 32 psi, it depends on the tire package. The 2013 models do warn you if the air pressure it too low...

Don't fill it up to the recommended max on the sidewall though.

How much air should I need to have in front and back tires of 2013 toyota corolla.

The Toyota engineer recommended inflation pressures for the tires will be found on the vehicles tire placard sticker, which is usually located on the end of the drivers door where it latches. Failing that, sometimes the tire placard will be found on one of the ends of the other doors, on the backside of the fuel filler door, on the back side of the trunk lid or on the backside of the glove box door.
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check you pressure once a month as good practice. the Corolla's here in Canada were never available with TPMS sensors. Tire placard as mentioned is good to start. the 16" wheels are recommended to be at 32 PSI
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