2014 AC only blows hot air


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I have a 2014 corolla LE. Single owner. Car has been in North Texas all along. Use AC during summer time normally. Never had AC issues before. Never been recharged before. Suddenly the AC stopped working. It blows only HOT air. Has new Cabin filter.
Assuming it was low on freon I turned the car on with ac setting on low and fan on all the way. Waited few minutes for engine to warm up and then checked pressure on the low pressure side hose valve using EZCHILL gauge and it was in the red zone between 60 to 150 PSI. I don't have capability to check pressure on the high pressure side hose valve.
After reading some blogs I released some pressure on the low pressure side to green zone to about 40 psi but still it only blows hot air. Surprisingly the freon that came out of the system was not cold at all. I drained all the existing freon to almost zero and recharged with R134a. Within a few seconds the pressure went to red zone again between 60 to 150 psi.
Wondering it is a compressor issue or a blocked line or condensor. Welcome any thoughts. Looks like I'll have to take it to a mechanic shop.
Thanks all in advance for your input and advice.
The most common problems are either a refrigerant leak (condenser hit by road debris) or a compressor failure. There are DYI YouTube video's if your mechanically inclined to perform the work yourself.