2014 Corolla S Radio Reboot Problem

I am just going to copy and paste the review I left for the dealer about the issue I have been having with my radio.

Bought a used 2014 Toyota Corolla S in February of 2018 and after almost exactly one year the radio quit working. Basically, when you turn on the car the radio boots up and then goes into an update screen that just keeps loading over and over. Scheduled an appointment to get the radio fixed thinking this should be a simple fix. However, while I was waiting for the technician to fix the radio, or at least get me a reasonable quote on fixing it I was approached by a dealer who tried to talk me into leasing a brand new Corolla. I didn't want a new car as the one I had was working fine besides the radio, so after about 30 minutes talking with the dealer (All the while he was taking phone calls and walking off at random to help others) I convinced him that I would not be leasing a new car. Went back to waiting for some information on my car and after being at the dealership for a little over an hour, which I feel is a reasonable wait time, I was told there was nothing they could do to fix my radio and that I would need to purchase a new one. A new unit costs $1,000.00 on top of a $60.00 installation fee. This seems completely unreasonable for a car that I've only been driving for a year and only has 80k Miles on it. This will be the last Toyota that I purchase, I am incredibly upset with Toyota because checking internet forums this has been a very well known issue with this model of car for well over 2 years, which means they knew about it before selling me this car and failed to mention it may become an issue at some point.


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Indeed that is one if not the most reported issue on forums. Not only for Corolla but all Toyota models with Entune 2.0 (and from the look of it, specifically premium versions with apps/nav). “Most reported” doesn’t necessarily mean “all units” – you are one of the unlucky – and you could never rely on the seller (whether dealer or private party) to mention it…

Who knows what trigger it. Those devices interact with so many different other devices updated themselves. It’s a bit like some – only some – Apple devices freezing under iOS 11 update (turn out to be triggered by a specific combination of keys). That’s probably the reason many extended warranties don’t cover it. In Canada, even Hyundai/Kia head units aren’t covered for the full length of the otherwise longer than competition standard base warranty.

The sad/wrong part is that dealers only see unit swapping as a solution as Toyota never issued a correct update and probably never will since units got a new manufacturer and Entune a new architecture in the meantime. Some here are hoping for a recall: it won’t happen. Head units are not a matter covered under the NHTSA recall criterias.

That being said, you may have some options:
- You could get a used unit on eBay for much, much less and bring it to the dealer (since they charge only $60 for installation) or a shop.
- Some, not all, have had success by getting and installing a map update.
- You may try to update the firmware: https://securedp.toyota.com/download-app/getUpdates
- Some, not all, also had success with the procedure shown in the video below

By the way, on something else, if your car has a CVT, you should check here to see if it needs the CVT firmware update: https://www.toyota.com/recall