2017 SE cvt noise


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Hey guys, I have a 17 Corolla Se w/ 7speed CVT. Purchased last year in April. In October I started noticing that the trans was making a wining noise every once in awhile. Now about 2 weeks ago, it’s constant even before warm up. And it only happens in manual mode downshifting. Dealer says it’s normal. But I was reading a tech bulletin board and they state that there is a possibility of dirt and low fluid lvl in transmission pan and when it was inspected, they found metal shavings and the transmission was faulty! And they had to replace it in several Corollas. Is this true or even possible on a year old car? Please note I have my 7 year extended warranty? Any help would be great thanks.
I always love it when non-technical people answer technical questions with "it's normal". Engineering 101, it's either in spec. or out of spec. Normal isn't a spec. and it's used loosely to avoid customer complaints regarding abnormal events/occurrences. I would take it to another dealer and get proof in writing that your CVT is within spec. through whatever means Toyota uses to test the CVT. I know in non-CVT automatic transmission, any type of a whining noise is big trouble.