A set of factory tires cost me half price

So I do a lot of driving and I replace tires a lil more then less. I thought I again see if any of the factory tires are around from $55.00-$105.00 per tire. Walmart to tirerack. I found a set on Amazon and went with them I needed a tire or two, rather just get two I purchased a set of four. I know I will have to pay for mounting and all. Inspection is due in a little over a month and I rather have a trusted set of tires on. especially for winter coming up and the rain WHo knows if I may keep the car or not at least I am again ready to go

$62.00 a tire and that is not bad.
And that is not on mine I have a good set of Stocks Good year that is. what came with the car and stayed ont he car no Hankook or general good ole trusted good year.
SUMITOMO STT28U - TOURING LS (195/65R15 T) $58.92 best tires I've ever had. Use them from Spring to Fall and then I use snow tires in the winter. The worst tires I have ever had were Fuzion. I've had them on a 95 and 98 Taurus and they also came with my 2010 Corolla. Fuzion tires are complete junk. Before I went with Sumitomo I had the Goodyear Eagles and they were the loudest tires I've ever had(decent traction though), they were louder then my Mickey Thompson mud tires for my truck.
tire came in. They are the newly designed ones not the out of date ones, When they all arrive I'll take care of them, and report back in a months time
No desposal fee, a simple 20.00 per tire, speed balanced and installed in 30 minutes or less. Tires are on and Happy till the first real test, and what is that simply riding mileage that is rain snow sleet hail you name it.
My 2009 Corolla S came with Goodyear 205/55R16 tires. What junk those were in every aspect. I upgraded to a 225/45R17 General Exclaim UHP with new 17" wheels and what a difference across the board. I would rather spend a little more and have better dry and wet traction along with much better braking and cornering ability. On top of that they were also less noisy.
if I were on a road that was with not a single pothole, etc.. I get that better tire , the nwaste money.
Tires are the biggest safety item and make the biggest difference in braking and handling in all conditions. I never skimp when it come to buying the best tire for the road conditions, no matter the roads.
nothing wrong with the tires I purchased for the car I appreciate what you like "for your" car
I was just pointing out that better tires can make the difference between an accident and stopping in time. Better performing tires are never a bad choice when it comes to handling better and stopping quicker. You can get what ever cheaper tire you want but once you experience a better performing tire you will never go back!