Adding a circuit to a Corolla


I would like to add a circuit to my Toyota Corolla 2009 LE to be able to power a GPS tracker and a door lock/unlock system. Both devices use less than 2A when they are in use.
I got those TAP adapter that you install on the fuse box, but I was confused on which circuit I should connect it to. I need an "Always ON" circuit and an "Ignition" Circuit, both will be protected with their own fuse.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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Fuse #22 or #23 should give you an "always-on" circuit. As both the stoplights and the power door locks should be powered at all times.

For a switched power source, try fuse #10. ACC is often switched, working only when the key is in the "on" position.

Be sure to test which section of the fuse taps are controlled by which fuse. You don't want your smaller fuses installed for the primary circuits. You can check this with the use of a meter using the continuity setting. One of the fuse slots on the "add a circuit" should only allow current to flow from one side of the fuse to the other, the other slot will send it down the wire to your new device.

Good luck