Bike rack for '19 and newer Corolla hatchback?

A few weeks ago I went with my friends to rest at nature. We all took our bikes, and decided to do a marathon. The problem was that the sun went down very quickly. I was lucky that a few days before I ordered some lights for my bike. Plus to that I also had some batteries with me, so everything was very well received to the end. I was standing in front of the crowd because I was the only one with these vehicle flashlights.


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I can`t help you with a bike rack . I have a 2014 Corolla but it of course is not a hatchback . I am able to easily take the front wheel off my bike and lay the bike in the trunk with the back seat pulled down. Of course if I needed to hall more than one bike I would need a bike rack.
I am using the Allen sports deluxe one . You can order it on Amazon for 100-150 bucks. The quallity is pretty good. I have it for more than one year, and I am often using it. Bikes are my passion.
The following week is my daughter's birthday, and I plan to buy a bike for her. You know, father-daughter goals, lol. And I am having a big issue. I don't know which one will be the best for her. I found some info on cutelittledarling, but I want to get some opinions for somebody else. Any ideas, recommendations?
I have a very nice hitch mounted bike rack, also very heavy. When put 2 bikes on my hatchback my headlights are in the trees and all opposing night traffic gets angry. Beware weight on the back of your hatchback.