Body Side Moldings

Thinking of adding these to my 2015 Corolla S and I'm not sure if they will look cool or tacky. I know it gives added protection from those inconsiderate and careless people dinging your car from the side. Those jerks that duno how to correct there parking and swing there door next to yours. These body side moldings are pretty expensive and they come color matched. They are a Toyota factory accessory option and duno if this will make the corolla stand out and look good ? What are your guys opinion about these. Thanks ! image.jpeg
I would love to see a bigger picture to be able to appreciate them, although I think they would look good plus the extra protection you get with them.


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I don`t think they look bad . And the most likely ding s your ever going to get are in parking lots from others car doors .
I personally think they look "80's". With the big variety of vehicles around, if abig truck or SUV dings you, the most likely scenario, it will likely hit above the mouldings. I've seen the mouldings on the corollla and they are small and then, not much protection. At least they are body colored bit I wouldn't invest on them.
They don't even install at widest part of the door. I saw a white one with them on on a parking lot this morning. Didn't look too bad, although I still don't care for them. And guess what, car had a nice big door ding about a foot or foot and a half above the molding, right st the seam on the door where it is the widest. I think they're a waste of money