Borla vs TRD exhaust????

Could use any imput on the systems... Been checking you tube... but still cant decide...Trying to figure out if the price difference is worth the TRD......2016 Corolla S Plus.... Any help would be appreciated...... Thanx....
I had the same problem. From what I understand there's no real difference in the sound. I ended up with the TRD exhaust, because it's Toyota approved. And probably won't void any warranties.
I did it myself. It wasn't bad but sliding the rubber grommets off the old exhaust requires a liberal amount of soap water and elbow grease. I thought the rear sway bar would take longer but that was a 5 minute job. Exhaust I fought on it for an hour.

I bought it at Toyota of Escondido for MSRP (think it was $549.99 at the time).


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What are either like going down the highway at 70 mph? I'm wanting to get one, but concerned on the noise/drone factor. I take long trips of 4-6 hours every month or so. Also, one concern is using the audio Bluetooth- would it interfere much? Love the care, want the sound of Borla or TRD, but want to know if anyone has feedback on highway driving. Thanks..
Exhaust drone doesn't bother me, but it does get loud when going up a hill, otherwise it's there but subtle.

As far as Bluetooth, exhaust wouldn't ever interfere with it.


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Thanks, I was referring to noise to be able to hear clearly on the car audio bluetooth when on a call. I can see the hills being an issue- as the CVT will RPM up- I notice mine will do same going down a steep hill when on cruise. Thought something was wrong first time it did it. going down steep hill and my rpm's shot way up. Wondered also how normal that is. have never had another car do that.