Brake upgrade idea's for 17 xse

im excited, i finally need brakes for my 2017 xse.... 134,000 miles but still within 2mm of state law pass/fail, so i'd prob be safe till 150,000 on the factory brakes... I'm excited cause its UPGRADE time :) im already set on dimpled and slotted disc all the way around and the yellow stuff pads... BUT I've never had a brake job done on factory brakes on my cars with over 100,000 miles on them WITHOUT having to replace a caliper or two cause of some issue so I've looked around and thought about it and said to myself, I'm gonna buy 4 rebuilt calipers and paint them red... Gonna add about $200 after core return to the final bill so no biggie... anyone got any solid ideas on maybe a 2 piston aftermarket caliper thats powder coated or sticking with OE calipers and just prime them, paint them and clear them... The ex wife always nagged about my ideas, but there's a reason she's the ex... lol i am gonna get a 2nd set of rims for my summer tires that will be black with red highlights...