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JUYOU PU Foam Spray is a high quality one-component polyurethane foams. Its harden surface can be painted, and the temperature-resistance is from -40鈩?to 90鈩? It can be adhere to all building materials and applied to insulating and filling of larger seams, joints, cracks such as gaps between walls, windows and doors, unreachable areas around pipes, etc. It has good performances in anti-freezing, anti-moisture, noise-resistant and heat-insulation
Product Specification
Package12or15 pieces/ctn
Max Yield rate65 times
Running meter35*45*3100mm
Guard time18 months
Cutting time50-60 minutes
Product Properties
1.CAS code: 9009-54-5
2.Product Name: pu foam spray
4.Main materials: MDI
5.Usage: construction , woodworking
6.Appearance: Light Yellow Thick Liquid
7.Shelf life: 12 months
Construction attentions
- The surfaces should be clean from oil, dust. Dry surfaces should be dampened with water.
- Fill vertical gaps from the bottom up (pay attention to foam expansion).
- Clean the spray gun with polyurethane immediately after use
- Foam surface tack free time is 10 minutes; it can be cut after 20min. After about 1 hour, it cured, and becomes stable within 3-5 hours
The way to use the pu foam spray
1 Pu foam is shaken up and down for 1 minute before use
2 Clean and moisturize the construction surface before application
3 Connect the tank up side down to the gun and turn the valve open to adjust the flow.
4 Spray from the bottom up the injection volume is 1/2 the required fill volume
5 Ten minutes after the foam began to cure 1 hour after the next step
6 Cured foam can be removed with a sharp knife excess and then in the curface with cement mortar. paint or silicone sealant for processing.
ISO 9001 MSDS is available. Provide the certificated for shipping.
How to use the pu foam spray?
Packing,Storage,Handling and Transportation
There are two kinds of package for the pu foam spray, one is 15 pieces per carton , the other one is 15 pieces per carton . We can stock it in the warehouse on the temperature from -20鈩?to 50鈩? we can load about 17000 pieces per 20 feet container , and about 30000-40000 pieces per 40 feet container.
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The great advantage of polyurethane insulation is the uniform structure of the layer without visible joints and joints. When insulated with cotton wool or polystyrene, it is they that lead to the formation of thermal bridges and, as a result, to the loss of heat from inside the house. I used this foam when I was building my house. I got it almost for free, because there was a big discount on it, and I got all the equipment and materials for cheap. It seems that the price of Pu Foam Spray is very large, but if you always keep an eye out for discount coupons, you can take it on the cheap.