Changing seats on 06 corolla.

So I'm going to a local pick your part each seat is $25 so for $75 plus tax and fees I can upgrade the cloth to leather. Just curious are there any other make model seats that fit an 06 Corolla? I'm sure there will be at least 1 leather seat Corolla there but I want black and If I can find a nicer seat from a different make model that will fit properly why not. Also another question. I have a stripped bolt on the passenger seat. I tried gator grip and it stripped it alot worse. What do you think would be a fair price at shop to get ot off and replace the bolt. I honestly don't have the time to keep screwing around with it.
The North American models.. Corolla S will have the black seats and the XRS will have the sportier seat. Keep-in-mind, these seat has air bags and sensors built in them. I don't know, if that was standard on all models. You will need to talk w/ your upholstery folks for upholstery...

Make sure you don't strip your seat bolts... :eek: like me

After-market bucket seats.. the brackets/sliders are not universal.. finding a base brackets is a pain in the a$$

oh.... Camry, Matrix, Scion TC, & Celica seats will "NOT" bolt and don't fit :p