Changing size of tires from 16" to 17"

Hi guys. I got a 2010 corolla s with 205 55 r16 original tire size. I'm thinking in change the tires and rims to 17" but I'm worry about it. Is it ok? Also I'm sure I'll need wheel spacers...are they safe? Thanks in advance
On my 2009 I have 225/45 R17s which are very close to 15 or 16 inch circumference. using 17 x 7" rims w/38mm offset and have no issues. If using aftermarket wheels you will need hub center rings.
On my 2013, I replaced my original 16" wheels with aftermarket, Touren TR60 3260 17" Black and Red-ring wheels. The dimensions are 17" x 7.5" with a +42mm offset. And that's even with me lowering the car by 1.5" so yes, 17" will fit without clearance issues.

By comparison, my original 16's were 16" x 6.5" with a 39mm offset, which is standard for most trims, even some S models. The tire size was the same 205/55R16 you're currently rocking now.

If you do go with aftermarket 17's, just make sure that your bolt patterns match, which should be 5x100mm. Now my wheels actually came with hub centering rings so I did not need to purchase separate ones.

If you go with 17" x 7" or 17" x 7.5" wheels, I would recommend getting 205/50R17 tires which are on my car now for a more sporty profile. Also 215/45R17 and 225/45R17 tires will also fit.

You may also need to buy brand new lug nuts for your 17" wheels as your originals may or may not fit the wheel's lug holes correctly. That may run $40-$70 for a full set, depending if you get locking lugs or just standard lugs.

Also, if you do plan an getting wheels that are out of standard manufacturer specifications, like I did, I would recommend replacing, or at the very least inspecting, all four of your TPMS (tire pressure monitoring sensors) to make sure that they are in good condition. I replaced all four of mine for $125.

Lastly, I highly recommend reprogramming your ECU (engine computer unit) with the correct specs of your new tires and wheels, so your new tires will not set off your TPMS light on your instrument cluster (dash).

I went to a local custom auto shop to new purchase tires. They also assisted in getting new lugs for the wheels. Since I purchased new tires, lugs, TPMS, mounting/wheel balancing from them, they reprogramed the ECU for free. Keep in mind, some custom auto shops might charge for the reprogramming.

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