Clunk noise when going over bumps?

Check your wheel lugs. Make sure they're tight. 80 foot pounds I think?
Proper air pressure. Are you mechanically inclined? There's a lot you can check on your own if you are.


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easiest thing to do is jack the front up and set it on some solid jack stands. Visually check everything and give parts a good shake, may find something just came loose. There is so many moving parts in the front suspension you are going to have to be a bit more detailed or else its just a guessing game.
Sounds like a warranty issue for the dealer to take care of. Could possibly be a motor mount? Sometimes they can cause odd clunking sounds, and sounds are hard to localize. Anyway if it's consistent or you know how to reproduce it take it to the dealer and demonstrate it to the tech.
yeah, bring it to them, usually the technician will test drive it by him or you drive it and show him. if cannot be duplicated, he'll bring it inside and lift it up and check for possible plays, jounce the front and back suspension and test drive again. if cannot duplicate, you need to monitor it again and bring it back to them.
I replaced stabilizer bar links on my 2004 Corolla with high miles and it fixed the clunking sound I would get over washboard roads or minor bumps. I don't have many potholes in Florida. The pass side was definitely worn once I had it in my hand for inspection. I doubt this is your problem with only 25k miles, but sometimes a part can fail prematurely. It will be covered under warranty. If youRe capable, you can jack up the car and pop them off in less than an hour. About $50 for aftermarket parts if you want to stay away from dealer. I recall that I couldn't isolate the sound to a specific front tire if that helps any...
Go to the dealer. You are still in the 3/36 warranty. And right now most dealers are slow and would like to warranty some stuff. It might be your struts, I know of some going bad around 35k miles.