Corolla 09 error code P0705

I was driving on highway cruising on 80Km and when i tried to increase the speed using Cruising button, the engine rpm increase suddenly 2K to 4-5K, I slow down the véhicule and stopped completly on side, as soon I shifted the lever from D to N, the engine shutoff conpletly and restart automatically. I put back to drive and was able to drive at home at slow speed 60Km with 3K rpm.
Now when I start engine and shift from P to D, but as soon as I am on N, the engine shut off and restart Automatically without i turn the key. Then I move to D and can drive with Higher Rmp, like at 40Km the rmp are between 2K to 3K, at 60Km 3K rpm. It is very scary to increase speed.
I scanned the code and I got:
p0705 transmission range sensor ‘A’ circuit (prndl input).
Before a few days I have cleaned the engine compartiment with with high pressure water.
Otherwise no repairing, but after cleaning engine compartiment, véhicule was running fine, but today I was on highway sing 1h and it happen that.
Thanks for all sincer answer.