Corolla Forum Upgrades to New Forum Software


We just upgraded our site to a new forum software. There are a TON of new features and improvements. Some of those improvements include
  • Better mobile support for tablets and phones (Responsive Design)
  • Automatically saving drafts (very cool feature)
  • Login / Signup with your Facebook or Google Account
  • Better media embedding (auto size photos, etc..)
  • "Private Message" are now "Conversations" and can support attachments and a full history.
  • Best of all... it's faster.
If you have any problems using the software PLEASE let me know. I'd be more than happy to walk you through how to do something and I may have missed a setting that I need to tweak so please speak up.

Thanks, and enjoy the new site!

Have you guys considered having a member classified section for selling items and requiring a picture, and forum name in the picture? Might streamline it a little better.