Corolla Hatchback strange noise


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Hello all!

I am a first time Toyota Corolla owner as of earlier today I bought a ‘19 Corolla Hatchback SE and it’s a really awesome car so far besides a strange noise that I noticed this evening.

While taking my mom out to show her the car we had the window open and we noticed a high pitched mechanical sound that seems to occur when shifting out of park and then does it if you shift back into park. If you shift from neutral to drive no noise and the car drives great in drive or reverse.

I’m completely new to Toyota and CVT’s in general so not sure if this is a normal sound of the trans engaging and disengaging or something.

I wanted to post the video here and see if any of you guys might have an idea of whether or not this is a problem or completely normal with the CVT. I know there were recalls on the CVT initially and I asked the dealer about it before buying and he assured that he couldn’t sell it unless it was in proper order.

Anyone have any idea on this? Thanks in advance! I am really loving everything else about the car!