CVT jerking.


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I got my '16 Corolla S last month, and is only starting to bother me. Doesn't have the smoothest start, and itiused to jerk when you would start off, and at about 10mph or so, I think the engagement is a little rough from idle. Especially when im in traffic, and it's obnoxious. Sorry if this is kinda vague, but I wonder if this happens to everyone, or does this need to be addressed.
I've noticed that if I am going slowly without my foot on the gas - as in having almost come to a complete stop - it seems like it's pretty sensitive to the initial re-application of the accelerator. Don't know if I'd call it a jerk, but I do try to be careful at that point.

I haven't noticed anything like that from a full stop. Everybody seems to complain about the opposite.