Doing the clutch in my '89, having trouble dropping subframe

Hi, I just bought an '89 Corolla DX, 4af/5 speed gearbox. I'm trying to pull the transaxle to replace the clutch, and I'm having trouble dropping the subframe. I've removed all of the bolts from both sides of the subframe, along with the 2 nuts in the center that attatch it to the rear mount. It's acting like there's one more bolt holding the subframe to the rear mount, is there a bolt I may have missed? Or would it be easier to just unbolt the rear mount bracket from the transaxle? Any advice would be appreciated, or if anyone knows any tricks to getting it out. I don't have too much experience working on Toyotas (or any front wheel drive cars for that matter). Thanks
We’re you ever able to figure this out? I’ll need to do the clutch soon in my ‘88 w/ 4af and 5 speed and I’m trying to find as much info as I can right now