Dome Light Issue


So i was fitting some under door puddle lights to my 05 corolla. There's a plug that comes out of the back of the fuse box (under the glovebox) and heads up to the interior dome light - with a door power wire, earth (i assume) and a constant 12v. I jacked into the door power and earth for my LED's, and was using that to run my lights.
Got the two front door ones working fine. Wired up one of the back doors, went to test it and obviously managed to short circuit it when i hooked it up to the strip. Now my interior dome light doesnt work when the doors are open.

Here's the troubleshooting i've done so far:

When i turn the dome light to "ON", it works - ruling out the dome light fuse and the light itself.
When i open a door, the door open light still shows on my dash - ruling out any door switches.
I found a wiring diagram for the car and found that its hooked up to a 25 amp fuse for the door switches apparently, so i went through and replaced all the 25 amp fuses under the glove box (there's none in the bonnet)
I've gone through and checked every fuse about 4 times and i can't find any others that are blown.

Now previously if you closed the door, after a while the interior light would dim to being off rather than just click straight off. My brother suggested that this dimmer relay may have blown. If you think its that, where do i go about finding it and how would i work out whether its blown?

Any help would be appreciated - i've been trying for 2 days to get it working to no avail, and i've tried everything i can think of to get it working without any success.