Dual Exhaust?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ErickMaga, May 17, 2018.

  1. ErickMaga

    ErickMaga New Member

    Anyone here have a 2014-16 Toyota Corolla with a Dual Exhaust?
    If so comment here please
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  3. Raymond Rexroad

    Raymond Rexroad New Member

    I have longed for a dual exhaust since buying my car.

    I've searched high and low, and could not find any bolt-on kits.

    I thought about taking it to a shop, and having one fabricated.

    As part of scoping out the job, I noted the placement of the fuel system charcoal canister. in the way of the exhaust path. I did not see any other viable path, so I dropped the idea.


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  4. OP

    ErickMaga New Member

    I know about that too :( but only reason why I ask this is because I’ve seen a white corolla in my area with a dual Exhaust and I lost that person I wanted to ask him how but :( couldn’t get to him
  5. Bob Boyko

    Bob Boyko New Member

    Dual Exhaust will MAYBE Give You One or TWO HP at The Most. believe me. I have had Enough Corollas During my Days of 75 Years with them. My First was a 1966 Baby Blue one, then I went on to a Coupe, green in color, Then I Also had the
    Very ice Hatchback witch I Hopped up with Super Nice wheels, and Headers and Duel Exhaust. It Could Move, BUT A Corolla Is for gong From Point A to Point B, with NO Problems and wit GREAT GAS MILEAGE! RIGHT? Then O Got the First VAN. Great Car, had it for 13 Years! Now I have a 2010 Corolla LE For my wife and I Also Drive a Tacoma SR5 V6, 1998 5 Speed, Best Truck in the REAL WORLD.
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  6. OP

    ErickMaga New Member

    I would only do it for the look lol that’s what I have my car as it’s no speedster for sure but it does break necks from time to time
  7. Rinconrolla

    Rinconrolla New Member

    I wonder of they had a muffler shop put a center muffler and then bend pipes on each side . My advice would be go to a muffler shop that does custom exhaust they give out free estimates .
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  8. Tony Lane

    Tony Lane New Member

    Borla is a good choice. I think they sell one on Carid.
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