Engine Oil & Oil Filter Changing

Discussion in '2009 - 2013 Toyota Corolla' started by islam.1060, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. islam.1060

    islam.1060 New Member

    I am in confusion about the Engine Oil changing. I went for 1st service at Toyota service center on 2000KM. When I need to go for second servicing for Engine oil changing? At what frequency I need to change the Engine Oil & Oil Filter? Which enging oil & Filter I need to use for my car(Corolla 2012, 1.6L)?
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  3. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    The owners manual for your Corolla will have the recommended oil change intervals listed. You can use any oil and filter you wish as long as it has the current highest API ratings. Toyota is using 0W-20 synthetic motor oil now. For the best oil and filter, that will also save you money in oil change costs and in improved fuel economy, that will be AMSOIL synthetic motor oil. For wholesale price savings on all AMSOIL products, visit my company website below. I have top shelf synthetic oils recommended for standard drain intervals, 10,000 mile intervals and all the way up to the best Signature Series oils which have a recommended drain interval up to 25,000 miles or one year -

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  4. jessypaul

    jessypaul New Member

    thanks for sharing the useful info...
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    janepaul New Member

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  6. Ted

    Ted New Member

    I bought my 2012 Corolla S a few weeks ago. Along with the car came free service with free oil and filter changes at every 5,000 miles for the first 25,000 miles. If you got that with your car take advantage of it. Oil and filter changes around here are about $50 each time so save while you can.

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