Failure to start - Low oil pressure and charging system malfunction errors

Hey guys,

New to Corolla's but not to Toyota's. Just picked up a 2017 Corolla SE with 20k on it. The day I went to pick it up at Hudson Toyota (never buying from them again) they waited 2 hours to tell me it was having starting issues and it was now being looked at by a tech. I waited another hour for any sort of answer of what was going on and then demanded them to give me my car so I could take it to my local dealer. Two days later, I experience the same issue first hand. Originally it fires right up, then shuts down and just cranks.

I call my local dealership and bring it to them (it magically started ten minutes later) and now it's there for diagnosis. Extremely frustrated due to Hudson Toyota straight up hiding the issue from me instead of being upfront. Anyone else experience this? Apparently it's happened before to this car and they replaced the ECU under the certification process.