Greetings guys; I recently acquired a 1982 corolla

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dr_Tee, May 6, 2018.

  1. Dr_Tee

    Dr_Tee New Member

    My uncle recently gave me his 1982 corolla with only 107k miles. Drove it back home from dallas (400mi) and had no problems at all. It actually rides very smooth. He maintained an excellent service record for this vehicle, and had the oil changed 4 times a year since the car was new. This car is in excellent mechanical condition all around. Brakes; Drivetrain; suspension. Everything was taken care of very well.

    The interior is going to need to be replaced and she needs some body work. but all around this car is a gem..


    P.S. That's the oil after my 400 mile road trip back from dallas. :)
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  3. Oldschool64

    Oldschool64 New Member

    Sorry I missed the point.
    What is this all about ? Other than you got a 82 corolla ...
  4. 3ddie @rana

    3ddie @rana New Member

    Nice Rolla, Get 2 the Point !
    Nice, you just replaced the oil !
  5. OP

    Dr_Tee New Member

    There isn't really a point to be made, this is only an introduction. That's why I posted it in the ''introductions" section :)

    And no, I haven't changed the oil yet. That's still the same oil that was in the car when I picked it up in Dallas.
    The car was just very well maintained.

    If you only run a car 250 miles a year and change the oil 4x in that period. Things will stay incredibly clean

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  6. 3ddie @rana

    3ddie @rana New Member

  7. OP

    Dr_Tee New Member

    Well, it's not exactly a purchase.. This was my uncle's car, I didn't pay a dime

  8. 0ldGuy17SE50th

    0ldGuy17SE50th New Member

    I had the '83 version of your car, Doc!! Fairly bulletproof, but i lived in Ohio at the time and winter salt corrosion took a pretty good toll on the sheet metal (bought it used). Trunk and rocker panels took the worst of the damage. Everything else about the car was "tank" reliable, engine/transmission/electrical never faltered. I did some "owner rust work" on the trunklid, then painted camoflauge Rustoleum paint pattern on trunk and rear sheet metal. Pretty sure law enforcement didn't like it combined with the faded dark blue color of the rest of the car, but once i showed them how i fixed the rust damage myself they thought it was pretty cool. Just didn't like the stern lecture about different paint.
  9. coroltayfun

    coroltayfun New Member

    Nice car :D
  10. corolciho

    corolciho New Member

    Wow nice car :D Hello and welcome.
  11. Oldschool64

    Oldschool64 New Member

    Does anyone know if the AE86 and the AE71 differential are of the same size ?
    In other words is the LSD pumpkin a direct fit for the axle shafts & housing on AE71 Corolla Wagon ?
  12. Carlos Santana

    Carlos Santana New Member

    Bought one identical to yours same faded blue and all back in 2003 for 50 dollars and sold it shortly later for 800. I was 18 at the time and didn't realize what I had. Since than I've owned 4 E90s and I've found Corollas from 1989-1992 are by a land slide the best modernized car you can own. The lack of tech is most dependable. Anyway nice car.

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