Headlights (improving/upgrading)

I am considering buying a 2020 Corolla (1999 car died, so I need a new one, unfortunately). I have been doing a lot of research, and I test drove the Corolla a couple weeks ago. I purposely did that after dark so I could see if the "marginal" rating on the headlights (from those Insurance Institute Highway Safety people) for this vehicle would bother me or be noticeable. Well, it was definitely noticeable. The high safety rating is only for the trim with a special optional package that has better headlights. Lots of dark roads around here. And deer. I was bummed because otherwise I liked the car. I've seen references to people changing or replacing headlights with ones they buy on Amazon. Friend who's into cars says that used to be possible with the older cars, but now they have the headlight compartments sealed in and you can't just replace the lights. But if he's wrong and you can, this might be an easy solution. Has anyone upgraded the LED headlights on one of these cars?