How Often Do You Change Your Oil?

Discussion in 'Toyota Corolla Maintenance' started by Nathan, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Nathan

    Nathan Administrator

    I try to get mine changed at 3,000 miles even though I know that's a bit overkill.
    How often do you get your Oil Changed?
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  3. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    I start to think about changing the oil once I hit 3,000 miles, but usually it ends up being 5,000 when I actually get it done.

    I've seen oil companies advertise that their oil can last 15,000 miles, but I wouldn't take the change!
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  4. Rinconrolla93

    Rinconrolla93 New Member

    Ever since I owned my first car its every 3 months regardless the miles but I'm sure its around 4,000 miles and I never ever had engine failure in any car I owned :)
  5. Jer

    Jer New Member

    I am going to use Mobile 1 Full Synthetic 5w-30 oil and a Wicks brand oil filter and change it every 5000 miles. Any objections to the synthetic??? I hear its not for every car!? Mine has 92000 miles on it.
  6. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    A good synthetic oil is wise to use in virtually any car and will provide many benefits to you such as easier winter starting, improved cold and hot engine protection, improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, an internally cleaner engine, it's better for the environment than petroleum oils, will extend engine life, provide better throttle response/more power and save money in reduced maintenance costs and improved fuel economy.

    Below is a good video on the basics of synthetic oils. Enjoy. :)

    AMSOIL Information Series - Synthetic Oil Basics -
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  7. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    The 3,000 mile drain pain originated in the 1960's, 50 years ago. No need to change oil so often anymore and in fact, changing oil too often can shorten engine life. Below is a video about the old school 3,000 mile drain pain. Enjoy. :)

    GM and EPA Report That 3,000 Mile Oil Change Not Needed -
  8. kyled

    kyled New Member

    I change my oil every 3 months. It's usually about 3,000ish miles. Used Toyotas will run forever if you take good care of them.
  9. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    As the video above explains the 3,000 mile drain pain just makes the Big Oil industry richer and isn't needed anymore. Even the Big Oil industry doesn't recommend the 3,000 mile drain pain anymore.
  10. dwb4

    dwb4 Dave

    Seeing as the car in under warranty,i get the oil changed at 8000 km as per recommendation.Once the warranty is gone,i will once again start using amsoil and extend the changes
  11. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    Hi Dave. :)

    Just to let you know, new car warranties aren't based on arbitrary recommended drain intervals, with the keyword being, "recommended", not required. In the U.S., per the Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Improvement Act, an oil can have 16 gazillion miles on it without being changed and if there is a part within the engine that is normally covered under warranty that has failed, for the warranty on that part not to be honored because of the oil not being changed, it has to be proven, (and not just suspected or guessed), that with the oil not being changed and not suitable for continued use that is was the direct cause of the engine part failing. If that can't be proven, then the engine warranty must be honored. Dealerships generally don't want motorists to know this, as they'd lose money on oil changes of course. In my opinion, that's not ethical or moral and that equals bad business practices.

    Using AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, my cars always go at very least 25,000 miles or one year without needing to change the oil and for 25+ years I've always had great results, as have all my customers. There's no need to allow engine wear and tear to occur using a lower performing oil for the vehicles first part of its life. AMSOIL Signature Series oils will provide the best possible protection for that expensive engine and save you money in reduced maintenance costs and improved fuel economy. With my own daily driver, I save over $300 per year in fuel costs. If you're still uneasy about using extended drain intervals, you can change the oil at whatever interval you wish. You are under no requirement to keep the oil in the engine. I'd suggest we do an oil analysis on that oil though before you toss it out and I'm confident you'll find it is in very good condition and suitable for continued use. :) If the oil doesn't need changing, then there's no benefit to changing it, no more than replacing tires or brakes, etc., when they are only halfway worn out, aside from the dealership having the benefit of taking your hard earned money. Of course we don't need or want to do that. :)

    For your 2010 Toyota Corolla, equipped with either the 1.8 or 2.4 litre engine, the Toyota recommended viscosity is 0W-20, which is a synthetic oil.

    AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil delivers extraordinary lubrication in all types of automotive gasoline engines. By combining industry-premier synthetic technology with AMSOIL premium additives, Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil exceeds the higher performance demands of modern engines. The Signature Series 0W-20 has a pour point down to -65 deg. F., (-54 deg. C.). and has a recommended/warranted drain interval of up to 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first With the sometimes extreme cold experienced with Canadian winters, an oil with a very low pour point will perform better in the cold, providing better lubrication, easier winter starting and improved fuel economy. I'll extend to you or any Corolla Forum members, wholesale prices and this oil has a wholesale price as low as $7.74 per quart, U.S. The retail price is $10.55 per quart. The link below will provide you more information about this oil --

    Next in line is the AMSOIL XL Series, Formulated for up to 10,000-miles/six month intervals, or longer when recommended in owners’ manuals or indicated by oil monitoring systems. Provides better wear control, high- and low-temperature protection and increased fuel economy compared to conventional oils. This oil has a pour point of -54 deg. F., (-48 deg. C.). and the wholesale price I can get for you or any Corolla Forum member is as low as only $5.56 per quart. The retail price is $7.65 per quart -

    Next we have the AMSOIL OE line of oils. AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil is specially formulated for the longer oil change intervals recommended by vehicle manufacturers today. Its advanced synthetic technology resists chemical breakdown for maximum wear protection (and peace of mind) well beyond the traditional 3,000-mile oil change interval. The pour point is the same as the XL oil and has a wholesale price as low as $4.44 per quart. The retail price is $6.10 per quart -

    With oil filters, if your Corolla has the 2.4 litre engine, I can round you up a quality oil filter from the largest automotive filtration company in the world, Mann, for the wholesale price of only $3.85. Mann filters are top notch. Below is a link to a very good video on Mann oil filters and how oil filters work in general -

    If your Corolla has the 1.8 litre engine, I can round you up a quality Wix oil filter for the wholesale price of $6. Below is a link on Wix oil filters -

    With either engine, the cutting-edge AMSOIL absolute efficiency oil filter is available and the wholesale price is as low as only $11.40 and has a recommended/warranted change interval up to 15,000 miles.

    Below is an exploded view of this high quality oil filter showing the internal construction -

    Below are standard oil filter test results for filtration efficiency showing the AMSOIL Ea oil filter to be 98.7% efficient at 20 microns and the Toyota filter to at 51% efficient at 20 microns -

    Here is a 1 minute video on the internal construction of this oil filter -

    Again, wholesale prices for you or any Corolla Forum member. Let me know.

    To you and every member of the forum, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! :)
  12. kyled

    kyled New Member

    I have an 04 used corolla. I check the oil about once a month and get it changed every 3 like clockwork. I truly believe that's why I haven't had any major problems. Runs like the day I got it.
  13. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    It would run like clockwork if the oil was changed every 2,000 miles, or 1,000 miles, or every 500 miles, but it wouldn't be necessary and a waste of money. The 3,000 mile drain pain is from the 1960's and it's now 50 years later. There's no need to waste money and natural resources changing oil every 3,000 miles anymore, donating our hard earned money to the greedy Big Oil industry, who are posting record profits. Even they don't recommend the 3,000 mile drain pain anymore.
  14. corolla_mike

    corolla_mike New Member

    Had been having my oil changed at one of two dealers in my area for two very good reasons: Less of the greasy finger prints, and they wash it when they're finished.

    However, I've reconsidered having my oil changed there, as they've taken the position -- and for the first time, at least with me -- of recommending a 5,000-mile change interval.

    Well, I'll have my oil changed at any freakin' interval I choose, thank you very much.

    One fellow I knew changed swapped oil by total HOURS, like they do in aviation, and not in miles, as we mere mortals do. Had a '74 Chevy Impala that was running some 30 years later as a result. Too bad the car looked like it had fallen from the sky, but it still ran, and that was what mattered to him.

    I say that when so many try to tell you one thing over another and another over another, to shut 'em all out and do what you WANT to do, whatever it is. And if you want to change your oil every 2,500-3,000 miles, and the dealer won't do it, and no one else wants to help, then go get your OWN oil, your OWN filter, and CHANGE IT YOURSELF.

    That way, when the eco-punks say they'll change your oil at the 5k mark, only YOU will know it's 2.5k old, and YOU will have the last laugh.
  15. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    Any auto center/garage/dealership will change the oil whenever you want, as long as you pay them of course.
  16. kyled

    kyled New Member

    Also, I like to change my own oil, but if you're ever crunched for time, a lot of place will come to your home or work and change your Toyota Corolla's oil for you!
  17. avz66

    avz66 New Member

    4,000 miles
  18. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    I change my AMSOIL synthetic motor oil every 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first. This saves me a ton of money and time/hassle with unnecessary oil changes. :)
  19. chris cross

    chris cross New Member

    oil change

    Since my first vehicle which was a nissan sunny till I later chage to toyata corolla I don't exceed 3000 km before changing oil.
  20. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    Why not? That's not what the owners manual recommends. There's no benefit to changing engine oil too often.
  21. Paninishell

    Paninishell New Member

    What is the recommended mileage to change your oil on a 2000 Corolla?
  22. fishycomics

    fishycomics New Member

    Do not get offended how I answer.

    Severe driving you change 5k, regular driving 10K, minimal driving, falls under severe.
    We all drive differently, and severe driving, will be long trips, stop and go.
    regular is to a station and back 3 miles, around town a few miles, maybe to friends, family 50 miles. Minimal is you go to work, car sits, the weekend you take it to the supermarket, go home sits....

    Now if a person wants to ride it like they stole it each and every day, and changes 10k not good.

    so I change my oil more than less, why. my engine will be trouble free, Toyota's love being treated with simple oil changes

    I have a 91 Toyota sitting outside and never had engine issues.
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  23. truettneathery

    truettneathery New Member

    Good info, Scott!
    We have a 2012 Corolla SE and I want to do the oil and filter change myself, as that's what I have always done. The car does not run in heavy traffic, or short trips, but it is hot here - over 95 Deg. in the summer. What about a recommendation and a quote? BTW , is the filter a problem to change? I've always had top-mounted filters in the past, and I use a TopSider vacuum devise to remove rge iol.
  24. fishycomics

    fishycomics New Member

    Only thing hard to do is figuring out how to free the safety clip, of the Oil canister. Since you are not in a rust zone, you should be able to spin it off...........
  25. Dexter

    Dexter New Member

    Well if you want, to modify your oil every 2,000-4,000 kilometers and the supplier, won't do it and no one else wants to help then go get your own oil your own filter, and change it yourself.
  26. Adriel699

    Adriel699 New Member

    It is totally depends on how much you drive your car. If you are an extremely low-mileage car driver you should change oil at least once a year. However, according to recent research, changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles. I also change my e140 oil at every 3,000 miles.

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  27. davester

    davester New Member

    My 2014S will be changed every ten thousand. All my oil changes are free too.
  28. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    Is the oil filter safely capable of such extended drain intervals without becoming plugged with dirt and starving the engine of oil, resulting in very expensive engine replacement costs?
  29. fishycomics

    fishycomics New Member

    The Oil pan is lower that the Filter, it is possible to change the Filter, and if needed to add fresh oil that came out, they say a quart of oil is absorbed in filters, sine this I a paper filter, that myth changes.
    10K is in the Owners manual, is it not, or was it 7.5, 5k starts at Pg 316, one of the difficult manuals made, for me.

    10k is at the longest. todays engines are not like older engines are they.

    You may see fleet owners skimp out on these oil changes and, the mileage on those cars exceed the oil change, and always in the repair shop, and you wonder why.
  30. ricky66

    ricky66 New Member

    My '74 KE20 survived 50K (kms) of incredibly hard driving 30 odd (very odd) years ago with me at the wheel on 5000 km oil changes and nothing else. I think it had about 150K kms when I sold it.
    We have two V6 Toyos now, both on 10K km OCI's and both are very crisp. I expect my 5VZ-FE HiLux to do at least 300K kms and the wifes 3.5L RAV to do the same or more......
    I've decided my daughters newly acquired 95 Corolla (130K kms, 1 elderly owner, FSH etc) will do just fine with 10K km OCI's with full synth 10w/40 Penrite. I expect it to do at least another 100K km even with a mechanically unsympathetic teen driver.

    Fresh, quality oil, changed regularly will keep these Toyotas alive and well for a very long time. Even with the very warm temps here in South Australia (we're about to break the record for the number of days exceeding 40 celcius / 104F in a calendar year and we're only 5 weeks in. Today was another 110F day) Toyota engines continue to pump away reliably in these temps with 10,000 km OCI's. Long gone are those days of 5000km changes.
  31. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    I change my oil every 25,000 miles or once a year. Sometimes even longer.
  32. Ashish

    Ashish New Member

    I have 2010 Corolla with a total of 4000 km. It is my third car, so I usually get to drive it only on weekends. Have done 3 regular services under warranty with 3 oil changes.
    The battery had to be changed last year.

    My question is: now that I am out of warranty, how often should I really change the oil? My driving is very less (as you might guess from the total mileage).

  33. fishycomics

    fishycomics New Member

    not a pro, anyone can act as a pro online.

    Do not stop what you're doing. we have a car as well, that goes all local 2 mile trips a weekend I change it, now due to todays times once or twice a year.
  34. Ashish

    Ashish New Member

    (I thought I was the only one with such a low mileage car.)
    However, I intend to drive it more (at least twice to work)
    because I am told there is danger of the alternator conking out.
  35. fishycomics

    fishycomics New Member

    It is best to circulate the car once in a blue moon. Tires can go faster , dry Rot from sitting. oil not getting in engine, you name it.
  36. Donabed Kopoian

    Donabed Kopoian 6 Speed Master

    It isn't the alternator I would be worried about, it is the engine sitting for so long that components lose their lubrication when you first start the motor back up, causing metal to grind until oil gets there. Even if you don't drive it much, start it up at least once a month and let the engine run for 5 minutes.

    I do mine every 5,000 miles (about 8,000 km).

    Otherwise, every six months wouldn't be a bad idea, but I wouldn't keep oil in the car for more than a year, no matter how few miles are on it.
  37. Ashish

    Ashish New Member

    Thanks for your response.

    Yes, 8000 km or one year (whichever is earlier) is what I will stick to.

    (The reason I posted this query was I found the oil coming out of the drain pan after a year looked as good as new in color, and also retained its viscosity. There were no carbon particles, which I usually find in the oil of my other cars. So I thought maybe I could stretch the oil change for this car to about 18 months.)
  38. fishycomics

    fishycomics New Member

    old school today we tend to no longer follow, with newer times and things.
  39. Jer

    Jer New Member

    I noticed my corolla uses oil somewhere. Either leaks (no obvious signs tho) or burns it off. I tried 5000 miles but by then, there isnt any oil left on the dip stick. I drive 445 miles per week, so I decided to change it every 8 weeks which equals out to 3560 miles between changes. Thats about 6 and 1/2 changes a year. I dont think thats unreasonable.
  40. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    Jer - What year is your Corolla?

    How many miles are on it?

    Don't let the oil get low. Top it off and keep it full, or rapid engine wear will occur that will increase oil burning, reduce power and fuel economy.

    Six + oil changes per year. Ouch, expensive!
  41. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    How do you know the oil retained its viscosity?

    With standard run of the mill oils, never exceed the recommended oil change intervals listed in your owners manual. If you do, rapid engine wear and a replacement engine costing thousands of dollars can result.
  42. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    You should change your oil per the oil manufacturers recommendations.

    With the pioneering leader in the synthetic oil industry, AMSOIL, oil drain intervals of up to 25,000 miles are commonplace.
  43. Jer

    Jer New Member

    My corolla is a 1998 with 162000 miles on it. Still gets great power and fuel economy.
  44. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    How much are you paying per oil change, including tax?
  45. Jer

    Jer New Member

    I usually wait for Oreilly to run a deal where you get a 5 qt jug and a filter for like $22.
  46. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    $22 times six oil changes per year equals $132 in oil change costs. Ouch. Expensive.

    I can save you about half of that money for you, plus savings in fuel economy too. :thumbsup:
  47. Jer

    Jer New Member

    How can you save me half that? And I cant hardly get any better gas mileage with the car. But i am intrigued to hear this!
  48. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    AMSOIL synthetic motor oils save money in reduced oil change costs and typically improve fuel economy 2-5%, which can save even more money. Check out my website.

    How many miles do you drive in a year?
  49. Jer

    Jer New Member

    I drive 445 miles per week (On less than one tank of gas) and it equals 23,140 miles per year. And at 7.06 per quart of Amsoil I wont be saving any money. That would be $29 just for the oil per oil change (thats for 4 quarts, I get a 5 quart jug). Plus, add in the price of a filter so just say another $5. Now your at $34 per change. Multiply that by the 6 times I change oil per year and your now at $204 per year vs. my $150 per year (Btw... I should mention that when I find a sale on the oil I want I buy for the entire year. So only one purchase per year. And I usually get the Valvoline High Mileage 5 qt jug which includes a filter). But you say that you can go longer between changes? (remember, I have an oil consumption problem, so I have to add oil around every 3500 miles anyway). So lets say we can change the oil 33% less (or do 1/3 less changes per year. Which would now be 4 changes per year. So now I would be driving 5785 miles between changes so instead of using the 4 quarts per change we are technically now at 5 due to oil consumption. 5 quarts per change at 4 changes per year at $7.06 per quart is roughly $35.00 plus $5 for a filter is now $40 per oil change. Thats still $160 per year. And that is with no tax added to your oil or tax for the oil filter.

    Wait... Amsoil is a better product than Valvoline High Mileage!!!! Maybe thats true. But I trust it to last 3500 miles between changes. I am betting Amsoil is a fine product. Someone once told me that you could use the best oil ever but if you dont use a good filter... your throwing your money away. I dont know this to be entirely true but would you agree that if you put in Amsoil, that you would want a better filter? Something like Wix or K&N? I dont use them. Again, I use whats cheap. But the $160 dollars it would cost me to do oil change using Amsoil does not take into account the price of a better filter.

    Better fuel economy? Im sure it could save me money on fuel. But Im getting roughly 40 mpg on the highway (thats all I drive is straight highway). I fill up at the beginning of every week and at the end of the week I have driven 445 miles back and forth to work on about 10.5- 11 gallons of gas. So the little extra I spend on oil could save me in fuel right? I would maybe agree with that if I did not have to add oil every 3500 miles anyway. I appreciate the offer tho. If I had a new car yes, I would definitely add better oil. But not on this one.
  50. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator

    AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic motor oil has a recommended drain interval up to 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first. :thumbsup:

    AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic motor oil typically reduces oil consumption and sometimes significantly so. I have a customer who had a car that was consuming one quart of petroleum motor oil every 170 miles and was fouling out a set of spark plugs every week, which was getting very expensive to keep up with. They couldn't afford an engine rebuild or another car, so I switched the car over to AMSOIL, the oil consumption dropped to one quart every 1,200 miles and the engine never fouled out a spark plug ever again. The fuel economy improved too. A full size Pontiac Bonneville, fully loaded, with a huge Oldsmobile 403 cubic inch V-8 engine knocking down 30 mpg on the highway. :thumbsup:

    Six quarts of AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic motor oil, two cutting edge technology AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency Ea oil filters, (recommended change interval is every 15,000 miles/1 year), delivered to your front door is only about $84, (at the wholesale prices I deliver for all Corolla Forum members), saving you $48 in oil change costs alone, not to mention five fewer oil changes and all the time needed to crawl around underneath a car performing an oil change. Time is money and I'm confident you have something better to do with your time than performing repetitive, costly oil changes. :thumbsup::)

    Environmentally, AMSOIL is a very green product, reducing waste oil disposal, used oil filters, plastic oil bottles and oil filter boxes by hundreds of percent.

    AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic motor oil typically increases fuel economy from 2-5%, sometimes more.

    23,140 miles per year divided by 40 mpg equals 578.5 gallons of fuel, times $3.20 per gallon equals $1,851.20 yearly fuel cost.

    Fuel Economy Savings

    2% = $37.02
    3% = $55.54
    4% = $74.05
    5% = $92.56

    So in reduced oil change costs and increased fuel economy, the savings can really add up. :thumbsup:

    Using AMSOIL, I save over $200 per year in reduced fuel costs. Even if someone provided me another oil for free, it would cost me more to use than AMSOIL. :thumbsup:

    The additional benefits below that AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic motor oil provides are icing on the cake. :thumbsup:

    1. An internally cleaner engine, less sludge and varnish. Helps engines to run cooler.
    2. Reduced wear, engines run "like new", for a longer period of time.
    3. Reduced engine operating temperatures.
    4. Reduced emissions.
    5. More power/better throttle response.
    6. Reduced oil consumption.
    7. Stays fluid in extreme cold, providing easier cold winter engine starts and improved lubrication.
    8. Superior hot engine protection.
    9. Peace of mind is priceless and using the best products of their kind provides that peace of mind. An engine, or worse, an entire vehicle, is very expensive to replace.

    Many motorists also report a smoother, quieter running engine when moving up to AMSOIL. This is due to improved lubrication. There are many benefits that AMSOIL synthetics provide.:thumbsup:

    Toyota recommends a 5W-30 viscosity for your Corolla.

    What viscosity are you currently using?

    With 162,000 miles, it might be a good idea to use a 10W-30 viscosity to try and help reduce oil consumption.

    The product description for AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 is below -

    The product description for AMSOIL Signature Series 10W-30 is below
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2014
  51. echarleswhyte

    echarleswhyte New Member

    Why not follow manufacturers recommendations?
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