How would I go about replacing the horn wiring harness and horn

So my horn stopped working and I found out the wires connected to the horn was ripped out. I purchase these two items hoping to install a new horn by myself.

iJDMTOY (1) 12V Horn Wiring...

HELLA 011225802 Black 77mm 12V BX...

I bought the horn wiring because the wires were ripped off the stock horn. My question is how would I go about installing this and where is the horn relay? Here is a picture of the relay box in my 2010 Corolla.


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Agree look on the cover. its Mirrored black on black lettering, not a fan of any lettering like that at all.

If I were to re-wire I would also like the original harness? I can easily get away wit ha wire, splice and heat shrink and make up the parts needed