intrusion system won't let me start the car if I trip it entering through the passenger door or opening the trunk for many hours

only if I enter through the drivers door can I start the car. 2001 corolla dealer alarm the intrusion mode keeps me from starting the motor. wont respond to the key inserted into ignition or remote entry fob or key being inserted into the door. Opening passenger doors or trunk actives intrusion mode, it takes many hours to pass before I can enter the driver's only door to start it. Headlights don't come on, fans on the radiator spin, vent fan spins, no dome light or radio, windows go up and down, blinkers hazard and parking lights work, and they probably let the cigarette lighter work but didn't check.
my key chain remote doesn't look like those, mine has lock, unlock, aux and red panic in the middle with a green led. So, I looked at the back of the key fob, python, this must be a aftermarket component that fits oem ports.
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crap, i'm stumped. it's a Python 660XP. I jump the ignition relay, nothing. I pull the unit and jump the relay, nothing. I checked the relay under the hood in the fuse box, it checks good. Why does everything it operates not work when pulled? The radio, dome lights, head lights, they are just taps in the wires, not splices.

Ah, update, the contacts in the ignition key rotation seem to be the problem.
ok, I replaced everything, starter with solenoid, starter relay, ignition switch, alarm security relay (even jumped it). So I have to go through the wiring, I'll start at the security splice tomorrow, it's getting late, I'm done for the day.
it wasn't the automatic transmissions switch, I rebuilt mine, new ones are $200. Some times when I try to key start the engine with the ignition switch the fan on the radiator spins when the engine is lower than room temperature, clock stays off along with the radio. I'm just going to by pass the keyed ignition wired system a put a battery lead to a push button relay always open that turns the starter motor and try and find the problem later. Seems to be one or more ignition start relays, perhaps. Vehicle has 125,000 miles, no accidents other than the hood was dented and is still on the vehicle, no serious corrosion here in the Seattle metro area.