Magnets on CVT oil pan?

Hey guys,
Does anyone know if our CVT oil pan is steel or aluminum/other nonmagnetic compound?

Reason I'm asking is I've got some really strong neodymium magnets ranging from 30 to 90lb pull and was planning on attaching at least a couple 40-50 lb (dollar coin size) to the bottom of the pan near the drain plug in order to catch any metal shavings from CVT wear whether it's the belt or other components.

I remember doing this on my older cars and it always seemed to have small particles attached to where the magnets were inside the pan once dropped, even though they were outside. Key was really strong neodymium magnets. Ive seen people drop the pan and put them on the inside of the pan, but if you consider n/s magnetic fields, sticking it to the bottom repels as opposed to from the outside it'll attract.
A number of auto manufacturers including Toyota, have used magnets inside the transmission pan for more than 20 years. I recall my daughters Honda with an auto trans didn't even have a transmission filter, just magnets. I don't know if the same is true for the CVT, since there are no gears or clutch packs that generate friction induced wear particles.