MPG query

Hi team. I'm averaging 26 mpg (US) in my 2015 corolla. Is this very poor? I had bought the car on the basis it would deliver great economy, however this seems pretty average to me. I do live in a hilly city with a bit of traffic, but usually travel off peak. Have changed the sparks, oil to synthetic, tyres to pirellis and aligned them too. SOS. A bit sad at home bad this mileage is
"MPG will vary" is a truth. My Corolla average 39+ mpg, a friend's one is around 22... So many factors comes into play : temperature, distances, carried weight, quality of gas, tire pressure, type and size, traffic, trip and idling lengths, driving habits (accelerations, decelarations), etc. Ratings from EPA are no warranty, just comparison points : if car A ratings are better than car B it just means that A will probably be better than B in the same conditions. If they are so that A get bad mileage, chances are that B would do even worst and that's the limit of those expectations.
Don't forget your air filter. A dirty one can richen (add more fuel) the mixture of air & fuel going to your engine. If it has an air flow sensor, you might want to do a bit of research to see if you can clean it yourself.


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Be sure to set the Eco mode button. Drive modestly . Don`t hurry from a stop. Try to hit traffic lights on green light. My 2014 shows 39 mpg average on the dash listing.
All interesting thoughts. I have changed the air filter also (I should have added) and do drive like a grandma. If only I knew how to hit traffic lights on a green light!! 39 mpg sounds amazing by comparison. Air flow sensor is perhaps my only hope. Seems like good money after bad!