I find nothing in my manuals about how to organize my music so i can select folders My corolla wants to just reorganize my music to make multiple files for each artist depending on who they sing with or play with 0ften resulting in files with only one song in it. I had my friend reformat the flash drive and set it up as is for the tacoma truck which is music then a folder and music inside each folder. though did get sort option tabs which was better it stll wanted to take those folders go inside them and resort according to song and artist again making multiple files with a few songs some with more How do i get it to not resort like have an tab that says leave as is like read folders only and not go think for itself and reorganize everything this is quite distracting as it is as cant be driving and having to change files all the time as fles have oen or two songs in them and that is not how it was set up by my friend at all. so any suggestions and not one that says look at a useless. if i have the new audio system in it called entune it is the most basic with no gps nothing fancy just the audio with the anx and usb and radio station. because my manuals say nothing of the issue i am having and how to just create folders and have it read as such i am posing the issue to the forums.