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Discussion in '1998 - 2002 Toyota Corolla' started by E46tknv, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. E46tknv

    E46tknv New Member

    Hello everyone

    I just purchased a 2001 Toyota Corolla Le. Runs great but needs a little attention.

    I did not understand the pulley system on this car until I was about to change the noisey belt on it.

    Anyways, my dilemma is this:
    Previous owner failed to tell me that there is a missing tensioner from the whole setup. I am mind boggled on how he was able to find a belt to fit the drive system with a missing component.
    Was this a common thing? To delete the tensioner completely if In fact the bolt snapped on it.

    I have read that these tensioner bolts snap and get stuck inside the block and not everyone is handy enough to attack the job.
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  3. Rinconrolla

    Rinconrolla New Member

    What the previous owner did was purchase a smaller belt , If the bolt snap I would run down the shop and find someone to easy out it .

    Other then that it is easy to replace I didn't have a problem


    Cause if you can see in the photo below what the nut screws on two has a torque bit on the end , So that tells you that the thread part can be remove and replaced . Kind of like the exhaust manifold bolts sometimes you can pull the nut with the bolt thread


    So this is inside your block


  4. OP

    E46tknv New Member


    Owner did put a smaller belt. I am curious how he got the belt on without the tensioner being released.

    I’d love to avoid putting on a tensioner but not sure how I’d get that new belt on without having an option to release the tension. Any idea?
  5. Rinconrolla

    Rinconrolla New Member

    I'm sure he had someone else put it on - lol

    He either pried it on or took a pulley off then applying the pressure to the pulley as you bolt it up .

    There is the rope trick where you put a rope through the belt pull up on it hard slightly stretching it while someone put the belt on then you release the rope

    I'm not saying it isn't doable but it is a pain . So why is the belt tensioner missing ?? Do you have a photo of what it looks like ?

    Maybe by looking at it I can see if it can be fixed
  6. OP

    E46tknv New Member

    I’d love to get the bolt drilled out and put everything back the way it was. I saw a DIY with a right angle drill, 2 different bits and voila, good as new.

    I believe he shifted the alternator forward towards the front of the car because I can see that something was altered. Now I’m stuck on what belt he used. I am sure I can find same belt by looking at the engravings on the belt.

    Sadly I didn’t pick up the fact that it was missing something since it runs and drives just fine.

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  7. Rinconrolla

    Rinconrolla New Member

    Yea or you can bring it to a Auto Parts store they have a belt measure , Dam that stinks to hear

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