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Discussion in '2014 + Toyota Corolla' started by Jesus cabrera, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Jesus cabrera

    Jesus cabrera New Member

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    Hey guys just thought I would say hi from Alberta, Canada. I just bought a 2017 corolla last month. This is my second corolla. I had a 98 that i bought off my dad years ago.

    My last 4 cars I've had have either been BMW's or Mercedes benz. I bought this car after selling my last c class after warranty had expired. I wanted something cheap on gas and reliable. So far the car has been really great. My wife had a 2014 s that was written off in July, so I am very familiar with the new corollas.

    So far I have tinted the windows all around, lowered it on trd springs, plasti dipped the wheels and upgraded the speakers. I am thinking of getting the trd exhaust and doing the roof in gloss black. Can anyone recommend cool mods for these cars?
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  3. Chris Denton

    Chris Denton New Member

    Nice, congratulations!
    You've come to the right place for mod info!
    Just browse any of these posts and you'll find a plethora of mods.
    If your new to the forum, welcome!
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  4. Rapsah22

    Rapsah22 New Member

    Congratz! I myself also bought corolla se 2017 just recently .. and wondering hows that trd springs on a brand new car? Trd lowering springs or coilover?
  5. JohnnieXSE

    JohnnieXSE New Member

    Very nice and clean! Your upgrades are very subtle, but you can tell there's something different and cool about your car! I like your light tint too! Did you also add mud flaps? Upgrades? Hmmm, what about body kit :)
  6. OP
    Jesus cabrera

    Jesus cabrera New Member

    Hey, the car doesn't ride any harsher then it did stock. It handles nicer around corners for sure though. I didn't notice much of a decrease in ride quality other then it's a bit bouncier. If that makes sense. I just wanted a slight drop since it'll have to be winter driven in the snow and needs to remain functional. It looks way better then stock height though. This is the way they should all sit from factory in the SE and XSE trim. I got just the springs not the coilovers.
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  7. OP
    Jesus cabrera

    Jesus cabrera New Member

    Thanks! I think the plasti dip and the drop really help it look sportier. The tint turned out really well with the slate metallic color. I didn't add mud flaps, just gonna run with the oem ones.

    I won't be doing a body kit but I plan on getting the trd exhaust, wrapping the roof black, maybe throwing on a trd grille emblem and maybe trd air filter and strut bar. Also looking into some spacers, at least for the rear. I hate how in the wheels sit so in. We'll see!
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  8. Rapsah22

    Rapsah22 New Member

    I actually bought this on ebay last week and got it this morning. I was gonn get the trd but im pretty sure this one is ok too.
    Hope so

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  9. JohnnieXSE

    JohnnieXSE New Member

    High flow filter helps on performance. I plan on lowering mine with coilovers and addding spacers, strut bar, and sway bar when I can finally afford them!
  10. OP
    Jesus cabrera

    Jesus cabrera New Member

    Nice, those will give you more of a drop. Not sure what the ride quality will be like, although tein is a really good brand. Post pics when you get them on

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